The Dangers of an Old Garage Door

For many homeowners, garage door maintenance and replacement aren’t often at the top of the to-do list. But, not replacing your old garage door can pose some serious dangers. The inner-workings of your old garage door system can pose serious risks if you don’t replace them.

old garage door danger

Wear and Tear

As your garage door system ages, the fittings and mechanisms within the system will experience general wear and tear. Over time, the fittings around the door will loosen, and become easier to break into, which affects the security of your home. Additionally, a loose door leaves you open to potential water damage, rust, and loss of performance and durability. It’s important to remain diligent and repair or replace any parts before they become serious issues.

Outdated Technology old garage door damage

Outdated garage door openers can actually develop a defect where they can be affected by newer openers in close proximity to your property. For instance, if you have an older garage door opener, and your neighbor purchases a brand new, top of the line, garage door opener, your neighbor’s operation may cause your garage door to open or close too!

Broken Springs

Springs are perhaps one of the most dangerous parts of any garage door system on the market. So much so, professionals will never advise DIY repairs for garage door springs. These springs are under such a large amount of tension that, if one would break with someone standing nearby, serious injury may occur. In most cases, springs will break while the door is being opened or closed, which means the chance of someone being nearby is greatly increased. If your springs are making odd noises, reluctant to perform, or showing signs of wear and tear. it’s important to contact a professional as soon as possible to avoid the risk of serious injury.

Faulty Hardwarefire old garage door

Springs aren’t the only mechanics present in your garage door system. Your system also contains tracks, wheels, cables and more. If these parts are not kept in good condition, breakdowns can occur. As a result, your door may not open or close properly, leaving you at risk for electrical faults, fires, theft, and break-ins.

Materials Matter

Older garage doors, unfortunately, don’t have the advantages of safer materials. For instance, if your old garage door is made of wood, over time, this wood will weaken, potentially rot, or develop weak spots in various areas. Locks can become rusted and worn, increasing the potential for intruders to gain access to your garage and home. Replacing your old garage door with an upgraded material can help you avoid potential risks of intruders and damages.

The Bottom Line

Repair or replacement of your garage door system can increase security, performance, and safety for your home and family.

damaged old garage doorNewer garage door models also come with beneficial features like sensors. This will prevent the door closing if there is a child or pet in the way of the door.

In addition, a new garage door can add enhanced aesthetics, curb appeal, and value to your home. If you have an older garage door, a professional replacement is a perfect solution!