Energy Efficient Insulated Garage Door

An insulated garage door is not a consideration for many homeowners, yet most will have proper insulation throughout their home. Since the cost of heating a house in winter is among the biggest in property management, many homeowners have always thought of insulation as a way to cut reasonable corners.

insulated garage door energy efficiency

A garage door is huge. Its surface area creates a hole that could easily compromise your A/Cs chances of keeping temperatures at an acceptable level. This lack of insulation lowers your home’s efficiency and increases monthly utility costs. Modern day garages are no longer a place full of hardware and a car or two. Many homeowners keep their garages neat and even use them as a recreational room, craft room, workshop, and so much more.

Why An Insulated Garage Door?

An insulated garage door keeps the cold out but also keeps the warmth in the house. This is essential if you heat your garage or any other part of your home your garage could be attached efficient garage door insulation Metal garage doors are good conductors of heat and will quickly radiate the heat you are paying so much to generate to the outside. Insulation dampens the thermal properties of the door hence cutting down on your heating costs whilst making the garage a more comfortable place to be in.

By insulating the door and having quality seals installed around the edges, you will create a sheath between your controlled environment and the harsh cold of the winter.

insulated garage doors exteriorAccording to a recent study, a single layer garage door with no insulation dropped the garage door temperature down to 30 degrees when the outside temperature was 20 degrees. An insulated door under the same conditions kept the garage warmer, letting the occupants enjoy a reasonable 40 degrees.

An Insulated Garage Door is Stronger

To create an insulated door, the manufacturer has to set up additional structures and extra steel or aluminum frames to accommodate the solid-core insulation. The insulation sits between two panes leading to a lightweight and structurally sound construction. Such a door will be stronger and more resilient to regular day use.

You will get a versatile energy efficient garage door that will serve you for many years and still remain light enough to handle an automated opening and closing motor without putting too much strain on moving parts.

Noise Reduction

insulated garage door strength energy efficiencyThe insulation will not only keep the cold out but also keep outside noises away. Walls and double pane windows are great at sound insulation. A simple un-insulated garage door, on the other hand, will vibrate and let most of the sound in.

Insulation provides impressive noise dampening properties that come into play if you live in a noisy neighborhood. The door will run smooth and quiet during operation. The insulation will dampen most of the vibration noises from the moving parts.

Choosing Your Insulated Door

Choosing an insulated door, most times comes down to common sense and contractor skill. Since there is no publicly accepted grading system. The two most important factors that determine the quality of the door are:

  • Door leaks
  • R-Value
  • U-factor

Insulated garage door efficiency differenceThe R-value is the door’s resistance to heat flow. It is the inverse of the U-factor. Most manufacturers will list one of the ratings when advertising the doors. However, there is no way to prove that this rating is uniform across the entire door.

The best way to go around this is by sticking to what a reputable contractor knows works best or what your local home improvement contractors recommend. You will also be better off dealing with reputable garage door repair and installation pros.

Investing in an energy efficient garage door will not only make your garage cozier but also cut down on your AC costs. An energy efficient garage door tends to look better and feels more solid. Add value to your home while enjoying less maintenance and repair when running an energy efficient garage door.

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