Flex-a-door Garage Door

Flex-a-door Garage doors are the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking to replace their existing tilt garage door. This type of garage door fits behind your garage opening and won’t protrude forward like other types of garage doors. Flex-A-Door garage doors offer a wide variety of benefits for homeowners. Let’s take a look at what makes this garage door a great solution for garage door replacement and new installations.

Benefits of Flex-A-Door Garage Doors

Flex-A-Door garage doors offer a ton of benefits for residential and commercial spaces. This unique garage door is perfect for spaces with restricted or limited headroom, or for garage entries with unusual shapes.

Flex-A-Door garage doors are a great way to add curb appeal, durability and high-quality performance to your garage space.


Hidden extension springs offer an uncluttered, neat appearance. For added curb appeal, Flex-A-Door garage doors offer an extensive color palette that can fit any style and decor of your home or office.


Flex-A-Door garage doors won’t blow shut in high winds and can also restrict the wind that can enter your garage space. Pick resistant lock designs located at waist-height for added security and ease of use.


Specially designed track inserts provide smoother, quieter operation with minimal effort. Weatherseal strips with extra deep cushioning will keep water, leaves, and other debris from infiltrating your garage space while reducing the gaps caused by uneven flooring.

If you are considering replacing your existing garage door, or are in need of new installation, Flex-A-Door is certainly worth consideration!

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