Roller Garage Door

A roller garage door is a great fit for those spaces with limited or restricted backspace and offer a variety of uses and benefits for both residential and commercial users. Garage doors offer convenience and security for your valuables while providing easy access to your garage space. When choosing a garage door, you’ll find there are probably more options than first thought.


Types of Roll Up Doors

In general, there are two kinds of roller garage doors. A section roll up unit features no less than 4 horizontal panels that are attached and rolled up together. When opened, these doors roll up on the ceiling. The second kind of roller is known as a rolling steel door. With this specific type of roller garage door, the door is rolled above the garage opening and composed of a single panel of material, which can be fiberglass, aluminum, or steel. It’s important to note that fiberglass roller garage doors are the most fragile materials that are used.

Benefits of a Roller Garage Door

There are a wide variety of benefits that come with your choice to use a rolling garage door. Advances in modern technology have made the use of these types of garage doors incredibly easy to use. Roller garage doors are designed with features that make lifting and lowering easy for homeowners.

Rolling garage doors are incredibly low maintenance for residential and commercial users. Simply keeping it clean with a spray hose and scheduling routine annual maintenance will keep your roller garage door at peak performance for years and years. If something does go awry then contact your garage repair contractors as it shouldn’t be such a big issue to fix.

Your new rolling garage door offers superior durability and protects your valuables from climate and weather conditions while adding attractive curb appeal and aesthetics to your home or business.

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