Side Hung Garage Door

If you are considering a newly installed garage door, or simply wish to update the look and design of your existing one, a side hung garage door is certainly worth considering.

side hung garage door wood

Adding Curb Appeal

Thanks to modern technology, side hung garage doors are no longer limited to heavy, often sub-par, wood materials. Homeowners now have a wide variety of materials, colors and style designs to choose from. This makes it much easier for you to match the existing style of your home regardless of when it was built.

Add Privacy and Security

Side hinge hung garage door blackSide hung garage doors offer a number of benefits for homeowners. Side hung doors offer the benefit of convenience allowing you to access your garage quickly and easily, without displaying your possessions to passers-by.

Ease of Use

These types of garage doors are also much easier to operate for those homeowners who suffer from back pain and discomfort. Because these doors require no heavy lifting, the operation of a side hung garage door system is simply a breeze.

Custom Side Hung Garage Door

side hung garage door electricMost garage doors are limited in the number of colors, sizes, and features, but with a side hung garage door, you can create a customized door that fits your specific needs. Side hung garage doors are a perfect solution for those spaces with unusually shaped entryways. Additionally, side hung garage doors can be designed with a center split, left, or right entryway, giving you the flexibility to create a custom look with superior performance.

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